This is a feature request for the expo client app NOT for the expo library itself.
I'm using iPad for live streaming using Omlet Arcade and would love to share how my app looks like with my viewers.
On iPad 12.9" it would be possible with either slide over(iPhone size) or split screen(half screen is size of normal iPad in portrait mode)
Unfortunately, right now when I open expo client on iPad 12.9" it looks like a very big portrait mode application which doesn't work for my stream in landscape mode with keyboard.
I have managed to hack it together with iMovie split screen but it's very strange solution which requires a lot of effort on my side.
As there is already expo client on the iPhone would be great if you can enable multitasking support which should add split screen and slide over like that to the client automatically AFAIK.
  • Example iMovie hack with split screen
  • Current view of expo client on ipad