There are a smattering of articles around the web about how to run expo from within a docker container, a practice that I really think in general should be better adopted in the Expo docs given its reproducibility in dev teams and reduced reliance on local environments. With the new CLI most advice online for how to get a container running and having devices connect to it via the Go app is no longer relevant.
It is fairly straightforward to initially connect to the metro bundler via Go app from both Android and iOS, just through mapping the docker port. What is not straightforward is getting hot reloads to work -- I assume that there is an underlying websocket issue that is preventing proper two-way communication between Metro and the Go app.
I wanted to list this as a bug but given the expo docs don't really talk about leveraging docker, I guess I can't really consider this part of expected functionality. But it would be
if there was an officially written and updated section in the docs on how to get this working!