Previously for the Expo project that I am currently upgrading, "expo-svg-uri" worked because it was based on the Svg api package under the umbrello of the Expo mono repo for SDK<=32. This third-party package I imagine had a very similar goal to this previously supported package by Expo that could handle Svg uris at a Component Level as mentioned here:
Now since "expo-svg-uri" is not maintained as rigourously as "react-native-svg", it too is not compatible in later Expo SDK versions. Just like "react-native-svg-uri"
This feature request is similar to this one but with more detail:
And this feature request is outdated:
"react-native-svg" has added support at the Component level for Uri/Inline/Xml Svg support since v9.7.0 which was just released 5 days ago:
There is however support at the File Level through in v9.5.3(supported version for SDK34), for inlined Svgs:
Would love to hear from @brent-vatne or another Expo team member on whether or not this increase of the expected version range is possible at this time for "react-native-svg"
Thank you!