This one should be simple.
Currently we can only run detox tests on release builds which longer to build than debug builds.
If we try to run detox tests on debug builds, the tests get stuck in the dev launcher screen as detox can't access the screen elements for some reason. I assume this is because there's some logical separation between the dev launcher and the actual app parts of the app, even though they're both bundled inside the apk.
When the dev-launcher screen is made automate-able through detox, we could just enter the expo server url using the 'element.typeText()' detox method and run tests.
This solution would geared towards the writing e2e tests phase in the developer/qa's local machine and doesn't make much sense in the CI context. But the upside of this solution could be it's quicker implementation(if it's possible) rather than a full-fledged e2e solution. Fingers crossed.