Hi! I am developing an app with a bare workflow, since I am using native code. I have to use EAS build as a result. However, the issue with this is that I now cannot experience Fast Refresh on my simulator. I have tried many things, including using the command
eas build --profile simulator --platform ios
, and following the steps of extracting the .app file from the tar.gz file, and dragging it into the simulator. I have also did
npm run start
and pressed
to open the iOS simulator, but all of these attempts results in simulator simply running my app prebuilt. There is no way I can connect to metro, thus making it so that I cannot make quick changes to my JS code and see the changes reflected on the simulator immediately, which is what I can do with my iPhone. I am able to do this on my iPhone because I have an Expo Dev Client installed, so I would really appreciate it if the Expo team could add Expo Dev Clients in the simulator. This would be good since I need to test my app on various screen sizes. I used to work on the simulator before I migrated to the bare workflow, and everything was fine because I could simply use Expo Go, but I can't do this now since my native code does not show on Expo Go, and I get an error.